Shopping in Ulhasnagar

We can watch the gradual development of Ulhasnagar to a shopping hub and business centre from a military camp area in the pre-independence era only with wonder. Sindhis, who migrated to this land from Pakistan, has significant role in the growth of Ulhasnagar in the business field. Even though they came to the city with minimal resources, now most of the small and big shops in Ulhasnagar are under owned by them. It is nothing else but their hard work and talent that made them able to develop this city to a ‘mini-Japan’ during the last five decades.

Furniture Shops in Ulhasnagar

Shopping in UlhasnagarFurniture market in Ulhasnagar, which is a delight for the bargain hunter, is well known even among outside Maharashtra. Even though the metropolitan city, Mumbai is situated near Ulhasnagar, people depend on the furniture market of this city for their furniture shopping. The big and small furniture shops in this market, homes anything that ranges from a common stool to a high end “lala” chair fitted out in chic leather. Stuffed sofas, beds, modular furniture and storewells etc. can also found here. You can see specialty stores that possess a single category of furniture as well as furniture supermarkets that can make the market a compelling proposition for bargain hunters.

The other interesting thing is that there are many furniture shops here that sell Chinese furniture including Chinese chairs, sofas and tables etc. Even though the salesmen do not give any guarantee to the sustainability of these furniture, you get them such a lower price than that of a meal for two at Pizza hut.

Garment Shops in Ulhasnagar

Ulhasnagar, which is the most popular industrial and commercial township of Thane district, is famous for shops of wedding costumes, jeans and other readymade garments. Sindhi people, who live other parts of India such as Gujarat, Goa and Madhya Pradesh, visit Ulhasnagar to do their wedding purchase.
Ulhasnagar Garment ShopsThere are many shops, which are exclusively aimed for wedding costumes. The city is also famous for jeans manufacturing. Jeans and ready made garments manufactures at Ulhasnagar 5 are sold in all markets of the country. Many popular jeans brand have factories in Ulhasnagar. The most busy commercial and shopping center here are Ulhasnagar 2 & 3.

Other important business here is related to food. Many people come to Ulhasnagar only for tasting and enjoying the delicious Sindhi cuisines and sweets. There are several restaurants in the city that serve traditional and unique Sindhi food.

It is hard to find any person in Maharashtra state who has not made purchase at least once from Ulhasnagar. As, the businessmen have manufacturing units in Ulhasnagar itself, they can minimise the cost of production that help people get products in cheap price. The most popular myth of business world of India is related to Ulhasnagar and it is that if, you fail to find any commodity in local market, you should visit Ulhasnagar where your search will get success destination.
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