Geography of Ulhasnagar

Ulhasnagar, which is a medium sized town, is a municipal town and is headquarter of tehsil with the same name. This town in Mumbai Metropolitan Region is situated in Thane District of Maharashtra. It is close to Mumbai with just 58 kilometers. The City is bordered by Ulhas River on the North and by Kalyan in the West. Ambernath occupies its East and South sides.

The urban lands of Ulhasnagar are subjected to various use and are classified as basic categories such as residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural, public, semi-public, recreation, transport and communication and public utilities etc. Even though the first development plan for Ulhasnagar was prepared in 1969 for a long period until 1991, it was not implemented totally and the lager part of the city is occupied with residence. The residential units actually encroached the reservations for natural drainage, open spaces and public amenities.

Use of landscape

Around 54% of the total area of Ulhasnagar is covered by residential area and the 21% of the total area is occupied by the urban poor residing in slums. The 5.2% of the total developed area and 4.2% of the total area is used for commercial uses that include the shops commercial establishments, eating houses and all such users, which are found to occupy frontage of busy streets.

About 7.78% of the total area is covered by industries that include an area of 103.71 hectares. Educational institutions, religious places, government and semi government offices that includes private and three government hospitals within Ulhasnagar Municipal limit occupy 6.3% of the total area or 251.49 hectares of Ulhasnagar. The area under open spaces that include gardens, play fields, green spaces and recreational grounds etc. covers 1.09% of the total area. 3.7 hectares are used as the land under burial and cremation ground.

Ulhas River

The description of geography of Ulhasnagar is not completed without mentioning about river Ulhas which originates from the Western Ghats near Karjat, flowing through the districts of Thane, Ulhasnagar, and Kalyan. The river has great importance in the lives of the locals as it is the main water source of the people in Ulhasnagar for various purposes.
Geography of Ulhasnagar

Climate of Ulhasnagar

A constant average temperature prevails in Ulhasnagar throughout the year and the seasonal temperature fluctuation is mostly insignificant here. The town region of Ulhasnagar experiences May as the warmest month and January as the coldest month of the year. The first monsoon, which starts during the second week of June, will last till September end. July and August are the months when maximum rainfall is available in Ulhasnagar. 3000 mm is the annual average rainfall in the region.

Reaching to Ulhasnagar is not a difficult task, as there are adequate road and rail networks that connect Ulhasnagar to Mumbai. One national highway, two state highway and three major district roads can be used to access Ulhasnagar town. Ulhasnagar is a station on the Mumbai - Pune route of Western Railway.
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