Culture in Ulhasnagar

The culture is a sense of ultimate values possessed by a particular society which its individual members express in their feelings, dispositions, attitudes and manners.

Different Forms of Culture in Ulhasnagar

Sindhi Culture

As Ulhasnagar was formed as a colony of Sindhi migrants from Pakistan during the partition period of India, we can say that the culture of Sindhis is reflected in all fields here such as food, costume, job, rituals etc. Even though they came to this city with a hope that they could go back within some time, it ended up as a dream and Ulhasnagar became their second home.

Culture of Ulhasnagar

Business in Ulhasnagar

Sindhis, who reached here without a penny in their hand, made a remarkable influence in all areas. Now, a major percentage of the business in Ulhasnagar is run by Sindhis. The economy and culture of Ulhasnagar is mainly based on business. The city is a major business center in Maharashtra State and there are many industries in this city. Jeans are the main products in Ulhasnagar. Besides, there are many garments and furniture business here.

Weddings in Ulhasnagar

The wedding celebrations among Sindhis are grand and it also has exotic marriage receptions. The Sindhi bride wears sparkling dress, usually in red colour and matching gold jewellery on her wedding day. Many relatives, neighbors and guests gathered together in Sindhi wedding and they involve in lots of fun and frolic. Nowadays, arranged inter-cast marriage is widely accepted in Sindhi community, even though mostly people believe in religion and devotion.

Weddings in Ulhasnagar

Dance forms in Ulhasnagar

As Ulhasnagar has a mixed culture of Marathis and Sindhis with distinct ways of rituals, we can see different kinds of celebrations here. The famous folk dances here are Lavani, Koli, Tarpa and Drum dances. All these are rhythmic and equally enchanting full of life and vitality. Jhumur is a popular Sindhi dance here, which is a counter-part of the dance of Laaba in songs. The Chhej dance, which is almost similar to Dokla Ras of Kathiawar, is performed only by men and it is more intricate in steps and patterns as well as rhythmic beats.

The dance is also accompanies by Shehnai and the drum. Dhamal, which is another dance form performed only by men, is a sort of religious frenzy. Fakirs and disciples of a particular shrine at the time when the flag of the shrine goes up perform this dance. Nagharo, which is a big drum, gives rhythmic beat to Dhamal, which has a fast tempo. Bhagat, which can truly be called as Sindhi folk art, is meant for the masses and it is pure art form of Sindhi dance and music. Bhtaga, the king-pin of all dance forms in Ulhasnagar, is a speaking dance-drama enacted with the aid of song, Kalams etc.

Handicraft in Ulhasnagar

Apart from the unique and distinct culture and lifestyle of Ulhasnagar, we can see that the city is famous for making a number of handicrafts. Warli painting, wooden handicrafts, furniture, synthetic handicraft items, Wrought Iron handicrafts, wooden furniture, costume, jewelry, sandalwood and silver wares items are some popular folk crafts of the region.

Cuisines of Ulhasnagar

Cuisines of Ulhasnagar

It is sure that this discussion will not be completed without describing the different and tasty cuisines of Sindhis such as dal pakwan, battar papdi, chola dhabal etc. Ulhasnagar is also famous for Sindhi sweet dishes like Seyun Patata, Praghree, Semolina Pudding, Sindhi Style Jalebi, kesar Pista Kulfi etc. Those, who visit Ulhasnagar, can see many restaurants that serve unique and traditional Sindhi food.

It is very clear that Sindhi people are very hard working people. They never like to accept defeat, instead of which circumstances always emerge in flying colours. Even though they have to face many unforeseeable circumstances in the new country, they never lose hope.
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