Cuisine of Ulhasnagar

Food in Ulhasnagar

Can you imagine that there are people who visit Ulhasnagar only for enjoying the pure and traditional Sindhi cuisines served in the restaurants of the city? Sindhis, who were migrated from Sindh (Now in Pakistan) to Ulhasnagar during partition of India, have a rich culture of simply invincible cuisines. Apart from the unique flavours, Sindhi cuisines also have the unmistakable mark of Arabs, Mughals, Soomras etc, who influenced Sindhi cuisine, while they ruled the province.

You can experience the vibrant and delicious Sindhi cuisines that include Koftas, Biriyanis, Gosht Curries etc. They also have special sweet items like Gajar halwa, Mohanthal, Rabri, Maajum, varo, etc that prepared in special occasions and festivals. Besides the restaurants and eateries in Ulhasnagar and nearby places where Sindhis are dominated, there are many street vendors that serve dal pakwan, Dal moong and Sindhi Patties with chola during early morning.

Cuisine of Ulhasnagar

Don’t misunderstand that, the people who runs restaurants in Ulhasnagar are unaware about the other cuisines, especially fast food, Chinese and other foreign cuisines. They are always trying to update their items with national and international cuisines focusing the foreigners who visit Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra.

It is a sad thing that due to the trend of fast food and exposure to other cuisines, the youngsters are detaching from the lovely Sindhi cuisines. The busy professional life and lack of time to prepare food force them to depend on chips, French fries, biscuits and cookies. Instead of home-made Rose Sherbet and Chandan Sherbet, they use mock tails and canned juice. Instead of Mazoon, Khus Khus jo seero, ladoo etc, which are the tradition Sindhi sweets, artificially coloured branded Mithai are given. Even kids like to have packaged junk snacks that replace the place of the good old, Pabhoree, Jamun, Saawa phota, Dhadhri etc.

Eateries and Restaurants in Ulhasnagar

Besides the traditional Sindhi eateries, you can see several fast food restaurants and other international restaurants that serve Chinese, Japanese, Italian, continental and other multi-cuisines in Ulhasnagar. In short, it is a good choice to taste the Sindhi flavours as well as other foreign cuisines for the visitors. The people, who like to experience the varied flavour and tastes of different food, should visit Ulhasnagar at least once, as it brings you to the Sindhi food culture.
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