Business and Economy in Ulhasnagar

Ulhasnagar, which was once a military camp during the pre - independence era, is now a major commercial centre of Maharashtra. It is the Sindhis, who came over this land as refugees during the partition of India, and changed the business scenario in the City with creating new and better opportunities.

Ulhasnagar, which is located northeast of Mumbai, comes under the Thane district of Maharashtra state. The business in the city has achieved tremendous progress in various types of industries during recent years. However, Ulhasnagar is famous for jeans manufacturing, wedding materials and furniture. What adds special shine to the success of business here is that the people made it even without much special assistance from the government.

Business and Economy in Ulhasnagar

In spite of the allegations about Ulhasnagar that the city is renowned for duplicate products, business leaders say that less profit and more prosperity is their basic principle. They consider all these allegations are aimed to malign the image of the city. The business men in Ulhasnagar try to provide top - quality products at lower prices, as they minimize the production cost.

Today, several export units are functioning in town. There are many manufacturers here who are engaged in making spare parts of different leading companies in engineering, automobiles and chemical industries. Besides, several units that manufacture soaps, detergents, textiles, rubbers, plastics, confectionery, cosmetic and food articles are also active in the city.

Various Items Manufactured in Ulhasnagar

Ulhasnagar homes around 10,000 manufacturers of cotton and synthetics as well as nearly 2,000 medium and big industrial units, which are engaged in engineering and chemical products. Apart from these, Around 12,000 merchants are working in various types of business activities such as garments, furniture, automobile, grains, jewellery and others. Furniture items manufactured in Ulhasnagar has great demand in various parts of the state and garments, especially jeans are supplied from here across the country. Local jewelers in the city are popular in the entire district. Major factories in the city are Amar Dye and Century Rayon which offer employment to many youths from this area.

Ulhasnagar, which is the biggest shopping place for the Sindhis from all parts of India, is famous for wedding materials and people from different parts of Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh visit the city for their wedding related purchase. If, Ulhasnagar 2 & 3 are the most busy commercial and shopping centers, Ulhasnagar 5 is famous for Jeans and ready made garments which are sold in different markets of India.
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