About Ulhasnagar

About Ulhasnagar

Ulhasnagar, which is a municipal town and the headquarters of the tehsil bearing the same name, is located in Thane district of Maharashtra State. The city also comes under the Mumbai Municipality which is managed by the MMRDA.

Ulhasnagar, which is 61 years old, was formed as a colony of migrants, especially Sindhis from West sides of India, during the Partition of India. It is said that around 100,000 Sindhi-speaking refugees were relocated to deserted military camps here from the newly constructed West Pakisthan.  Even though they took shelter in Ulhasnagar with a dream of returning to their native land after some days, they had to live the rest of life in this land. Gradually they settled here by constructing homes and establishing business. According to the survey held in 2010, there are around 400,000 Sindhi Hindus are living in Ulhasnagar.

It is C Rajagopalachari, the then Governor-general of India, who gave this city the name ‘Ulhasnagar’, which was formerly called as Kalyan Military Camp, when the area was converted to township in 1949. Now, the administration of Ulhasnagar, which is a constituency of Maharashtra State, is under the control of Ulhasnagar Municipal Council (UMC).

Ulhasnagar, one of the largest jeans manufacturing hub in the world, possesses several small scale industries manufacturing finest denims at reasonable price. Besides this, Ulhasnagar is also famous for wedding shopping and furniture shopping. Sindhis from all parts of the country visit this city for their wedding related shopping. As the city is nearer to Mumbai, we can easily reach here by road or railway. Auto rickshaws and city buses are available for traveling within the city, even though fare of auto rickshaws is higher than that of Mumbai.

As Sindhis are the major community in Ulhasnagar, you can experience their unique tradition and culture here. There are many temples, Gurudwaras and other religiously important places in the city and the restaurants here serve delicious Sindhi cuisines that will really a new experience for those who visit the city first time.
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