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Administration in Ulhasnagar

Ulhasnagar, which is an important city in Maharashtra, is located on coast of West India. It is approximately 60 kilometers northeast of Mumbai city in Thane district. Ulhasnagar is a part of Mumbai Metropolitan Region managed by MMRDA. Ulhasnagar, which is a municipal town, is also the headquarters of the Tahsil that bears the same name.

Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC)

The administration of Ulhasnagar, which is a constituency in Maharashtra State, is monitored by Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC). Municipal Corporation is handling the rule of Ulhasnagar by making separate departments.

Administration in Ulhasnagar

The Departmental Wings of Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation

Administrative Wing
It covers general Administration department, Legal department, Public Relation Office and Municipal Secretary Department.

Revenue Wing
Property Tax Department and Local Body Tax Department are coming under this wing.

Finance Wing

Finance Wing handles Accouts Department and Audit Department.

Health Wing

Medical health Department and Public Health Department are monitored by this wing.

Technical Wing

It monitors Public Works Department, Water Supply Department, Electrical Engineering Department, Town Planning Deaprtment and Controller of Unauthorized Construction.

Each of these departments has its own duties and responsibilities to be carried out in order to ensure a perfect administrative system in the city.

Head Office
Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation,
Near Chodpa Court,
Phone: 2720116-25

Municipal Commissioner

The entire executive power for the purpose carrying out the provision of the BPMC Act and other important acts vests in the Municipal Commissioner. It is he who prescribes the duties of and exercise supervision and control over, the acts and proceedings of all Municipal Officers and servants except the Municipal Chief Auditor, Municipal Secretary and the Municipal Officers and servants immediately subordinate to them. He has the power to take immediate action for the service of safety of the public or the protection of the property of the Corporation in case of emergency. State Government appointed the Commissioner from the officer’s cadre of Indian Administrative Services or from Chief Officer’s Cadre.

Ward Committees

The members of the Ward Committee are the Councillors who represent the electoral wards within the territorial area of the Wards Committee, the Ward Officer and not more than three nominated members by the Councillors. One of its own Councillors will be elected as the Chairperson by the elected Councillors of Ward Committee. Ward Committee meets at least once in every month and its time and place is fixed by the Chairman. The Chairman presides over the meetings of Ward Committee. Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation has four Ward Committees. They are;
  • Ward Committie 1, Goal Maidan, Ulhasnagar 421001
  • Ward Committee 2, Yatri Niwas, Khemani, Ulhasnagar 421002
  • Ward Committee 3, V T C Ground, Ulhasnagar 421004
  • Ward Committee 4, Water Supply Office, Near Netaji Garden, Ulhasnagar 421004

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee includes sixteen Councillors, who are appointed by the Corporation. One of the members in Standing Committee is selected as the Chairman by the other members. One-half of the members of the committee retire every succeeding year. Even though the Commissioner can participate in the meeting of the Standing Committee and take part in the discussion, he is not allowed to vote upon or to make any proposition in the meeting. At present, the Standing Committee consists of 16 members.

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  • D
    Deepak from Ulhasnagar 605 Days ago

    Dear Sir, This is to inform you that Shiv Darshan Apartment constructed on Block no.C 884 Room no.1768 Bhatia Hospital Chowk, Ulhasnagar 421005 has violated all FSI rules. Builder has constructed illegal shops. Drainage pipes has been constructed out of Duct area and that duct area has been allotted to one off shop. All drainage pipes are passing from our area (photographs attached for you reference). Earlier also i have made complaints for that but no action has been taken for that. Now the residents has covered there terrace area with asbestos cement sheets and slope of that sheets been given in our area. So the full buildings rain water is falling on our roofs. Which is giving leakage problem in our premises as water is falling with force. i request the authorities (The honorable Commissioner of Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation) to take the action against the society and give order to remove all illegal drainage pipes and terrace covering on priority. Regards, Deepak

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  • u
    uttam bhagat singh ramrakhyani from ulhasnagar 973 Days ago

    महा सभा resolution 73(2018) 5/3/2018 शासन की मंजूरी मिल गई क्या?

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  • M
    Manisha Lalit Manik from Ulhasnagar 1025 Days ago

    Dear sir/mamI am a proud citizen of India .But I feel bad when we at ulhasnagar get polluted drinking water..It has been dince one and a half month that there is scarcity of water in our area n the drinking water we get is dark yellow smells of chemicals ..we require u to do testing of water by FDA to see how safe it is for us to drink.....pls let us know when thiszwill be done..waiting for strict action to be implemented.

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    u Expertfrom 1025 Days ago

    Hi! Please visit the Municipal Office and get your complain registered.

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  • p
    pankaj gurav from ulhasnagar 1522 Days ago

    Ulhasnagar near about all parties have failed to provide the sevices to the localite .Ulhasnagar being the bussiness hub no public toilets many places no infra structure for citizens no road no water .all basic needs are being winded in their homes .god bless these guys.

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