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Art and Craft Galleries in Ulhasnagar

People of Ulhasnagar are interested in art and craft works and many of them find their livelihood from this. Some important folk crafts in Ulhasnagar are wooden handicraft, synthetic handicraft, wooden furniture, sandalwood and silver wares, warli painting etc.

Art Galleries in UlhasnagarArt and craft galleries and classes in Ulhasnagar

Ulhasnagar is also popular for many art galleries and shops for various types of art and craft products that are used for decorating your homes and offices. Some of the popular art galleries in Ulhasnagar are listed here.

AC Root Craft
Address: Ulhasnagar, Mumbai
Phone number: 9423080247

Monalisa Art Gallery
Address: Geeta Complex, Nehru Chowk,
Ulhasnagar No 2, Thane, 421002
Phone number: 0251 2701343
Working hours:
Monday to Saturday: 09:30 am to 06:00 pm

Chauhan Art Gallery
Address: Main Furniture bazar Road, Mes Ground,
Ulhasnagar West, Ulhasnagar, 421003

K Lite lamps and Jhumer
Address: 2, Pushp Niwas, near bank of Baroda, Ulhasnagar, Mumbai
Phone number: 0251 2701283, 9322433300
Email Id: mkduseja@gmail.com
K Lite lamps and Jhumer homes a very huge collection of high quality lights for your purpose for home and office. It contains decoration items, wall brackets, decorative lamps, hanging light, and jhoomer lights etc.

Chauhan Furniture and Lights
Address: Furniture Bazar, Ulhasnagar, Mumbai
Phone number: 0251 2557365, 2546811, 2733866, 9323261500
Email Id: chauhanlights@rediffmail.com
Chauhan Furniture and Lights homes various items like marble houses and temples, trophies, lamps, and jhoomer lights etc.

Art and Craft Classes in Ulhasnagar

The art and craft classes in Ulhasnagar provide a whole host of activities and hobbies, which are related to making things with your hands and skill. Some of the popular art and craft classes in Ulhasnagar are listed here.

Art Corner
Address: Siru Chowk, Ulhasnagar No 2, Thane - 421002
Phone number: +91 981951130
Besides art and craft classes, Art Corner also teaches greeting card making, punch craft, painting, tile painting, acrylic painting, embossing painting and warli painting etc.

JK Arts Drawing and Hobby Classes
Address: JK Arts Drawing and Hobby Classes, Ulhasnagar, Mumbai, India
Phone number: +91 9822260222
Email Id: jkartsulhasnagar@gmail.com
Blog: http://jkartulhasnagar.blogspot.in
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JK_Arts

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    Reshma Nitikesh patil from Ulhasnagar 257 Days ago

    Please text me ur address. Want to learn some thing from you

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    Urvashi gangar from Valsad 514 Days ago

    Plz text me ur address nd contact no tomorrow I'm personally visiting ur store need sm materials for name plates

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    payal aggarwal from rewari 833 Days ago

    kya art and craft ka course online kiya ja skta h kya

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